Acuitas GebäudeNo matter of the size nor distance, Acuitas customers deserve the best possible service. Acuitas is head quartered at the east end of Lake Zurich. It has dedicated building special made with the need for a stable ground and free from any vibration. Acuitas engineers and scientists have an unparalleled in depth knowledge of motion simulation. Acuitas is pleased of having staff on board with experience dating back in time of Fecker and Goerz (late sixties). Acuitas back bones are the highly skilled engineers of Agency in many corners of the world.

Acuitas has two mayor product ranges:

  • Test an Simulation -Instruments
  • Tracking-Systems

Successful physical effect simulation

Test systems simulating physical effects such as motion, acceleration and temperature most effectively save time and money in the development and calibration of sensors. Motion simulators are valuable aids in the development of algorithms for navigation, guidance and control systems. The increased application of Global Positioning Systems (GPS) has also increased the demand for on-board self-sufficient navigation instruments. Inertial navigation and guidance instruments are today employed in increasing numbers of applications due to their affordability, ease of maintenance and the availability of cost-effective computing power for user-friendly data presentation.

Test instruments and physical effect simulation systems are used either as calibration or measurement instrument or as environmental simulator creating the desired operational environment (Figure 1: Three axis test instrument with thermal chamber).

For calibration or measurements, test instruments are a magnitude better in positioning accuracy, in generation of precise motion and acceleration than the sensor to be analysed. Test instruments are used as a reference and instrument’s errors can often be ignored.

Simulation engineers demand excellent dynamic characteristics in simulating a particular environment. Simulation instruments are characterized by high servo bandwidth often the simulation of thermal conditions and the gravity field. Such systems allow simulation of real-life scenarios with high fidelity. Under these conditions the main interest concentrates on the observation of the sensors or control algorithm ignoring the static errors of the simulator.

The multitude of applications for both groups of test instruments and simulation systems is reflected in the many instruments developed to produce the required real-life situation. The differences are easily visible in the mechanical design. In response the engineering requirements Acuitas developed a modular series of test instruments and simulators.  The degrees of angular freedom, the arrangement of the axes and the design of the mechanical interface with the unit under test are design features that are frequently changed to adapt to a given situation. The icon-graphic representation of possible mechanical arrangements is illustrated in figure 2.  It aids in the selection of the required configuration.

Acuitas offers high-fidelity motion tables encompassing precise static positioning, wide-range dynamic motion and additional physical effect simulation such as temperature, pressure environment and G-field (Figure 2: Centrifuge for G-field simulation). The application ranges from navigational devices for land vehicles, ships, aircraft, missiles and satellites to homing devices of intelligent missiles and the attitude control of stabilised platforms. Acuitas is specialises in manufacturing motion and environmental simulators that accurately reproduce the real-life conditions encountered by ships, land vehicles, aircraft, missiles and spacecraft. Utilizing the modular building concept instruments can be fitted to a given requirement with minimal design effort, which reflects in an attractive price/performance ratio.

Advantageous for high bandwidth and compact overall size, the power and control electronic is located in close proximity to the mechanical actuators. Time critical servo and control application utilize real time processors. The majority of test instruments and simulators are commanded by LabView based software or through DLLs. By the user test instrument or the simulator software can easily incorporate into his test and data processing software. It makes for a versatile instrument for measuring, calibration, analysing and testing of complex inertial instruments and electro-mechanical assemblies or single sensors. 

The larger system is assembled with an integral Elevation/ Azimuth tracking pedestal and uses a servo controlled high bandwidth mirror for fine pointing. The assembly includes the auto-tracker and tracking cameras. 

Sagem Trajectographic Division is in process of assigning the range equipment line over to Acuitas. Our engagement will include the service, maintenance, up-grading or replacement of installed instruments.

To facilitate the required export control procedures we avoid incorporating US made products in our instruments. Our instruments are subject to the Swiss export regulations.

Acuitas works presently on two Laser Beam director. Both systems are catadioptric systems. The smaller system will be mounted on our EL/AZ pedestal model USP-4V2. It uses a fast rotating Risley prism group for the high speed pointing over a small angle. The expanded beam has 110mm clear aperture.

Tracking System

Acuitas built and delivered Universal Sensor Pedestal to different customers in Germany, Israel, India and Australia. Our pedestals excel in compactness, dynamic performance and angular pointing accuracy. Systems with integrated inertial stabilization are successfully operating in Australia on board fixed wing aircrafts for exploration soil resources. The stabilization is better than 0.01 mrad.

 We joined forces with auto tracking specialist having decades of directly applicable experience in tracking vehicles, aircrafts, missiles, bombs and sub-munitions.

Our instruments are geared to interface with cameras, thermal imagers and laser range finders developed by a company located in the London outskirts.

A strong software team supports our hardware efforts with real time servo-control software. In-house integration of the software and hardware renders turnkey systems with optimal performance at much reduced difficulties in interfacing the different sub-systems.




Acuitas products sold to customers worldwide.