Acuitas provides centrifuges for G-load testing as per MIL STD 810G methods 513. Those centrifuges are of a sturdy design and have a shroud to minimize air drag and for protection.

  GLC-4_3_100_thumbnail.jpg   GLC-4_8_1200_thumbnail.jpg   GLC-6_13_15000_thumbnail.jpg
  GLC-4_3_100   GLC-4_8_1'200   GLC-6_13_15'000
0.2m3, 2x2kg   0.4m3, 40kg (60kg peak)   1m3, 2x150kg (2x250kg peak)
50G   30G   100G
Capacity 100Gkg   1'200Gkg   15'000Gkg
Dimension ~Ø1,2x1,1m   ~Ø2,5x1,2m   ~Ø4,5x1,8m
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Acuitas also has centrifuges specifically designed for testing and calibration of integrated INS packages and subassemblies. An additional offset counter rotating table enables to test rate and acceleration sensors simultaneously at different G-levels and rates. Main- and Offset- axis and can get tight electronically geared.

   HPC-4_7_600, with satellite table
0.2m3, 20kg (35kg peak)
G-Rating 30G
Capacity 600Gkg
Dimension ~Ø2,5x1,5m
Datasheet pdficon.png