Acuitas provides precision motion simulation and tracking solutions.

Acuitas provides precision motion simulation and tracking solutions.


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The new product pages for Motion Simulators and Universal Sensor Platforms are now online.

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Acuitas is investing in a sustainable energy source with it's own photo-voltaic power plant.

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«Our high precision testing and tracking systems are recognised worldwide for their outstanding design and quality.»

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In-house production

All Acuitas instruments are developed, assembled and comprehensively tested in-house.


Clever solutions

The appeal of our modern systems lies in their intelligent new approaches and how they integrate seamlessly into your internal systems and processes.


Modular concept

The innovative modular design of our product line means we are able to produce the perfect instrument quickly and economically for a whole range of different tasks.


Safety & performance

MEMS (microelectromechanical systems) sensors are built into vehicles in order to integrate new components aimed at improving safety and vehicle dynamics, monitoring the current status of the vehicle as it is being driven. The incoming data can then be assessed and used, for example, to recognise dangerous situations and inflate the airbag if necessary. Furthermore, the data can be used to adapt the suspension for optimum driving dynamics.

These sensors are calibrated on Acuitas rate table systems.


Stabilised PAN/TILT platform

Stabilised platforms are used on mobile vehicles. The combination of pan-tilt platform and IMU (inertial measurement unit) means they can be stabilised precisely for the connection of, for example, video cameras or radar systems which can be used for surveillance or other purposes.

Acuitas pan-tilt platforms fulfil the strictest requirements for EMC susceptibility and variations in pressure, temperature and humidity.


Consumer electronics

MEMS (microelectromechanical systems) sensors, which can measure the exact positioning of an object within a space, are already found in a range of different consumer products. Information on the position and orientation opens up a whole new field of possible applications of different types.

Acuitas instruments are mainly used to develop new projects and for quality assurance in existing position sensors.

Our customers worldwide

Acuitas products sold to customers worldwide.


About Us

Acuitas is a limited company located in Altendorf (Switzerland). It manufactures motion simulators such as rate tables, centrifuges, sensor platforms and tracking systems. Acuitas AG products are used all over the globe.

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