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Universal sensor platforms

In outdoor applications where low rates of rotation and axial orthogonality – as well as high positioning accuracy – are key, the precision of Acuitas universal platforms make them the perfect fit. The size, area of application and type of sensor to be used will define which is the most appropriate shape and form of USP. Whether at sea, in the air or on land, they can all be fitted with additional options to cover a wide range of different applications.

Possible applications

  • object localisation using triangulation
  • targeting of objects using geolocation
  • coastal and border monitoring
  • stabilisation of video cameras on vehicles
  • use of jammers (anti-drone devices)
  • directing radar antennas
  • tracking of orbital space debris during re-entry into atmosphere
  • general video tracking
  • laser-based automatic landing systems for UAVs
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Series overview

The features that make the Acuitas USP series truly stand out are its precision drives and its versatility. Unlike the standard pan/tilt heads which can be found on the market and which are fitted with gear drives, the direct drive by Acuitas is years ahead in terms of positioning and rate of rotation accuracy. Particularly for long-range applications, the axial orthogonality and axial eccentricity are key parameters, and Acuitas USPs are designed, manufactured and calibrated to the highest standards.

Comparison between standard drives and Acuitas drives

Standard pan/tilt drives:

  • rate of rotation of 0.01 to 100 deg/s
  • position accuracies > 60 arcsec PP
  • orthogonality: unspecified

Acuitas drives:

  • rate of rotation of 0.0001 to 360 deg/s
  • position accuracies up to < 6 arcsec PP
  • orthogonality up to < 6 arcsec PP

Factsheet download:


U series

The U-shaped design means that payloads can be placed on three different mechanical interfaces, with sensors at the axis intersection and on both sides. This design is especially suitable for use with heavy payloads and where a high degree of orthogonality is required.

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T series

The T-shaped design is the most common, and consists of a symmetric construction with two mechanical interfaces on both sides. In this series, all the components (motor, encoder, electronics, etc.) are all located next to one another, resulting in an extremely compact design.

L series

Similar to the U-shaped design, the L-shaped design allows sensors to be placed at the axis intersection. Depending on the design, the L series is particularly suited for protruding payloads.

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This software package can be used to pinpoint objects using coordinates (longitude, latitude, height), and is suitable for both stationary and mobile applications. In the case of mobile applications, the position data is provided by an INS (Integrated Navigation System). This software package also supports different scanning algorithms (e.g. continuation of a line between two points, pinpointing of several objects over specific intervals, etc.).

GNSS module & antenna


GNSS module and antenna can be integrated directly into the USPs. They can be used for time synchronisation, pinpointing and alignment (dual antenna setup).



To measure the angle of slope of a USP with respect to the direction of gravity, one or several inclinometers can be integrated into the devices. Depending on the application, they can be attached to the pedestal, or on the tilt or pan axis.

Gyroscopic stabilisation (LOS stabilisation)

For mobile applications, built-in gyroscopes help stabilise and compensate against vibrations which may have an effect on the USP’s structure.

Stands (tripods, flat base, etc.) & transportation boxes

stand.jpgTo simplify handling, Acuitas has designed and developed stands, tripods and transportation boxes for stationary applications and when setting up mobile platforms.



Where required, our USPs can also be designed and tested according to varying MIL-STD-810H standards (low pressure, EMC, rain, shock, temperature, etc.).